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About the project

What do we
actually do?

Shape.Care is the first comprehensive system supporting personal trainings among amateurs and professionals. Our system becomes a personal trainer who monitors our effort, progress and corrects the exercise technique.

Training habits and motivation
We will help you create the correct training habits, support you in training and motivate you to act. With Shape.Care you will exercise more effectively and systematically.
Advanced progress monitoring
Our system will allow you to save your full training history in one place. We will make it easier for you to analyze the progress and control your training.
Workout analysis and support
The algorithms created by us will analyze your results during and after each training session. The tips will allow you to avoid common mistakes and with our support you will take care of your health and safety.
Set and achieve goals
Exercising without a goal, or worse with an unrealistic goal, is a big problem. Shape.Care helps you set realistic goals and achieve them with the intended results. Don't waste any more time!
Best workout plans
Training plans in the system are prepared with the support of personal trainers who share their knowledge and provide their services using our mobile application.
About the hardware

How it works?

Shape.Care Glovs are a solution that provides continuous training analysis. Our hardware improves performance through specialized measurements of the number and frequency of repetitions, movement dynamics, force, power and efficiency with heart rate.

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About the software

Mobile system

Shape.Care provides a mobile application for personal training. Our solution allows for full digitization of training plans and for advanced analysis of measurement results combined with a system of guidance and control of the technique of performed exercises.

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